Cotton Mixed 5-pack
Cotton Mixed 5-pack



A sock in 100% cotton may sound very exclusive but the truth is that it can be quite uncomfortable since socks in this combination of materials lack the elastic feeling and function that often means that the sock will slide down on your ankle. Instead, we have added some elastane and polyamide to ensure a durable and very comfortable sock that will serve its purpose with glory for every single occasion and season.

The cotton makes the sock more unified in its presence, which is why we have chosen to add more colourful options, to enchant every single one of your outfits. The ribbed structure in combination with six different colours gives the sock a look that goes very well both in terms of a more formal suit but also sparks up any outfit with regular jeans or chinos.

This mix it yourself pack gives you the possibility to pick the colours you want. First choose you size for the whole pack and then choose which colours you want under the tab "Product Customization"!

We have these sizes: EU 40/41, 42/43 and 44/45, and in UK 6,5/7, 8/9 and 10/11.

The cotton socks are recommended to be washed in 40 degrees.