The true value of a shoe is not based on its price, but rather the quality of the raw materials and handcraft that goes into its making


Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to the heels of your shoes, except for when they hurt and give you chafed feet. In our shoes we use what is referred to as salpa leather in the heel cap. The unique attributes of salpa leather is for preventing that very pain at the heel,, and to mould the shoes after your feet. In comparison a really worn out pair of shoes with a plastic heel cap could hurt like hell.


The so-called Goodyear Welted Construction is considered superior to all others and is not what most of the highstreet brands use (Myrqvist were the first doing so in Sweden). What is so special about it is, among other things, the fact that the sole is sewn onto the upper part of the shoe, making it possible to resole the shoes. It also keeps water out of the shoes, making them much more durable. The shoes are crafted by experienced artisans in Portugal.


The upper material of the Myrqvist shoes all derive from Europe’s top tanneries such as suede from British Charles F Stead and Du Puy in France. The difference in wear and tear is clearly visible after using them for some time. On many of our Suede shoes we also use a so-called Repello-suede which makes the shoes much more water-repellant. The myth of Suede shoes not being able to stand rough weathers is just that; a myth.


Did you know that there is a cork filling at the bottom of our shoes? Why? Cork as a material is of the perfect density to both be durable, but also to shape the shoe after your feet. After some time of using it you will notice just why this matters so much and makes them comfortable for many years.  


The most notable difference of the different lasts used for your shoes usually is the width. We use five different lasts which can create a different kind of feeling from what on the outside seems to be fairly similar shoes. Take our two Chelsea Boots, Elfvik and Granhult, as an example. They have other differences as well, but while Granhult is made on last 3, making it quite sleek and elegant, Elfvik is made on the wider last 9 which creates a bit more space for someone who has more broad/wide feet. With that said, Elfvik do look very elegant as well. Try them both and experience the difference.  


The sole really matters when it comes to your shoes. The most classic sole of them all is the leather sole, but coming from Sweden, we know how much toll the soles can take in this climate. That’s why we developed our half-rubber sole which both gives off an elegant look, but also gives you the protection needed for rainy as well as snowy terrain. If you want to make sure your shoes endure more or less anything, then go for a studded rubber sole.