Where do you have your production?

All our shoes are produced in the northwest of Portugal in a factory with a long tradition of fine shoemaking. The factory is currently operated by the family’s third generation and they have good relations tanneries and last makers around Europe.


What is the delivery time?

Within the EU, Schengen, the USA and most other countries it generally takes between 1-3 business days for your order to be delivered.


What are the shipping costs?

None! When buying from Myrqvist.se all shipping costs and returns are on us. You don’t have to pay for anything except the product and any custom fees that your country charges on imported goods.


I want the return my shoes, how do I do that?

If you wish to return any bought products from Myrqvist you are kindly advised to contact support@myrqvist.se and great support staff will help you throughout every step of the simple process.


What kind of different lasts do you have?

We have two lasts, M01 and M02. The M01 last is used for our oxfords and the M02 for our loafers and buckles. The fitting of the lasts is the same, however the profile of the last is slightly lower on M02 and the width of the toe box is also a bit narrower.


Why are your shoes so cheap?

Thanks to the internet, we do not need any retailers in this day and age to run a footwear business. We simply sell our shoes directly to our customers online and via our own flagship store in Stockholm. Instead of an inflated price that comes with traditional retail-based brands we can offer top of the line quality at less than half the price, compared to traditional brands. ​


What kind shoe care do my shoes needs?

When buying quality shoes, a good shoe caring routine is of the essence. The most important thing, that you must not compromise with, is to use shoe trees. Shoe trees will increase the life length of your shoes drastically. The will absorb moist and bad smell as well as work against creases on the upper leather and a too visible toe spring.


For your leather shoes

We use Saphir Pommadier to nourish shoe and give it a bit more color and luster. You can either use a neutral Pommadier or a Pommadier with matching color pigment as the leather or the shoe.

For a more occasional deep cleaning and nourishment of your leather shoes we recommend Saphir Renovateur. It thoroughly cleans and remoisturizes the leather as well as removes any old shoe cream and shoe wax. 

If you’d like a shine on your we recommend you to use a shoe wax, preferably Saphir Pâte de Luxe or Saphir Mirror Gloss. This will build layers of shine on chosen parts of the shoe and also act a bit water repellent.


For your suede shoes 

For suede shoes the most obvious shoe care tips is to weatherproof your shoes. For this we use Saphir Super Invulner which we think is a great choice.

If you’d like to nourish and restore the color of your suede shoes Saphir Suede & Nubuck Spray Renovateur is the way to go. This comes in different colors as well as in a neutral option which only will nourish and give luster to the suede.

For a more occasional deep cleaning of the suede you should go with Saphir’s Suede Shampoo called Omni’Nettoyant. This product is great for really restore the shoe to its original condition in combination with a colored Suede & Nubuck Spray.


How do I know if the shoes fit me?

The leather or suede of the shoe will adapt and adjust after the shape of your foot. If it feels a little tight, don’t worry. The leather will give in the pressure from your foot a bit, especially at the foots widest part. Because of this reason you would prefer the shoe to be a little tighter rather than a little too loose.

For a good fit you do not want the foot to be slipping around inside the shoes, instead you want it to be held on place the upper leather and really want it to feel as if though the shoe really enfolds the foot.

You would like approximately 1-2 cm between the tip of your big toe and the frontend of the shoe. 

The lacing of the shoe should preferably not be fully closed as this won’t allow you to tighten the lacing after the leather has soften and adjusted after your foot. On the other hand, you don’t want the lacing to be too open either, although this is mostly for aesthetically reason in opposite to functional reasons.


What are the pros and cons between a leather sole and a half rubber sole? 

What we realized was that a lot of our Scandinavian customers took the shoes to the cobbler to glue on a rubber sole. Instead of letting our customers do so we decided of this option available as ready-to-wear and have no additional costs for the rubber sole. If you live in a Scandinavian climate where it most of the time is either snowing or raining. Making choice between a full leather sole or a half rubber sole basically comes down to personal preferences.

Let’s put it like this; If you take the care to work and only wears your shoes indoors or solely walk and dry streets the subway on your way to work, a full leather sole is definitely not a problem for you.

If you often walk longer distances in your shoes no matter what the weather is and aren’t too concerned about shoe care, then the half rubber sole is for you. The life length of the two soles is pretty much the same so this is not something you have to take into consideration.

To sum it; there aren’t really any straight answers to this question but try to think about what kind of lifestyle you have and in what context you often where your shoes and choose the option that you are most comfortable with.


What does Goodyear Welted mean?

Goodyear Welt is a time consuming and labor-intensive process and the result of this is therefore often a hefty price tag. But the essence of a Goodyear Welted shoe is the fact that once the sole is worn out you can easily take it to the cobbler and replace it with a new and fresh sole. This allow you to wear the same shoe for years, even decades if you take care of the upper leather and so on.

With this construction you don’t have to be new shoes every season, instead you can just replace the sole when needed and freshen up the leather by using good shoe care products. As mentioned, this type of construction often comes with a slightly higher price tag than glued shoes but in the long run, choosing Goodyear Welted shoes will probably save you money since you don’t have to spend it on new shoes every now and then.